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Invitation for bids of Mahakulung Primary Hospital and Ward office building

1. Mahakulung Rural Municipality invites e- bids for following Works as given in table below under national competitive bidding. Bidding is open to all eligible bidders as per Section V

  1. Construction Of Mahakulung Primary Hospital, Bung, Solukhumbu
  2. Construction of Ward Office Building, Ward No-4, Gudel

2. Eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect the Bidding Documents at the office of Mahakulung Rural Municipality, Bung, Solukhumbu, Phone 9743091201,9852824400 and website:www.mahakulung.rum.gov.np, www. bolpatra.gov.np. and email: mahakulung.rum@gmail.com

3. Bidders shall have the option of submitting bids electronically only. Submission of hardcopy bids shall not be entertained.

4. Matters not covered in this notice shall be accordance with prevailing rules and regulations of GON. 5. Pre-bid meeting shall be held at Mahakulung Rural Municipality, Bung, Solukhumbu at 13:00 Hrs on 2078/01/16 (29-04-2021).

6. Bidder's Information to deposit the cost of bids document in bank:

Name of Bank : Everest Bank Ltd., Mahakulung, Solukhumbu
Name of Office : Mahakulung Rural Municipality Office, Solukhumbu
Office Code No. : 80109505
Office A/C No. : 08300106200008, (For Bid Document)
Office A/c No. : 08300106200003 (For Bid Security)

7. If the last date of purchasing and /or submission falls on a government holiday, then the next working day shall be considered as the last date. In such case the validity period of the bid

*Security shall remain the same as specified for the original last date of bid submission. Clients have full right to accept and reject the bid with no justification.

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